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If you lack the time or manpower to create your own DirectSmile applications, our Professional Services are the perfect solution. Whether you need tailor-made image sets, variable documents, shop templates, or even complete cross media campaigns, we can create it all for you - completely or just parts of the work. Simply let us know your requirements.

Our services for you

Image Personalization

  • Design of image sets based on your images and fonts
  • Generation of print files in JPG, TIF or PNG format based on your data tables
  • VB scripting for image sets

Variable Data Printing

  • Design of variable documents for mail pieces, calendars etc.
  • Generation of print files in PDF format based on your data tables
  • VB scripting for variable documents

Cross Media Marketing

  • Design and set-up of cross-media campaigns
  • Template creation for your demo or trade show applications

Project check/certification

  • Testing your DirectSmile project to ensure it's running accurately

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