DirectSmile Integration Server

DirectSmile Integration Server

The personalization engine of the market leaders

Make variable documents including personalized images easily available for online configuration. DirectSmile Integration Server delivers high-speed real-time previews of personalized print pieces, on your website, on your web-to-print portal and directly in your existing online shop through the optimized shop interface.

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The DirectSmile Integration Server provides you with a full-blown production system with an automated online to press workflow that ensures trouble-free printing. With convenient administration, easy management of all resources and full scalability it provides the optimal basis for profitable web-to-print business. Thanks to its open architecture you will find it easy to integrate leading DirectSmile technology into any of your applications.

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Included Features

  • Production-class server system for real-time rendering of personalized images and variable documents
  • Retrieval of images and documents through Web Services (SOAP) or via URL calls (http)
  • Online display of documents as PDFs and JPGs
  • Interface for direct connection to online shops
  • High-speed caching and load balancing for high volume output
  • Fully scalable system that allows you to add additional Rendering Instances at any time for almost unlimited performance.
  • Four Rendering Instances included in package

Generate a million images per day, and more!

Using DirectSmile Integration Server on powerful hardware you can easily generate one million personalized web-resolution images in 24 hours! And by adding more server hardware you can even exceed this to any desired volume.

The power that drives success

Market leaders for personalized gifts and greeting cards such as Hallmark, Moonpig, Funky Pigeon, Tukaiz or Frecklebox are running their web business with DirectSmile's Integration Server.

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