DirectSmile VDP Studio

DirectSmile VDP Studio

VDP, print workflow and personalized images out of one hand

Customize any part of any printed piece simply through rules and include personalized images in one seamless workflow. DirectSmile VDP Studio is your professional solution for personalized print production.

You can create all layouts using Adobe InDesign as always, set up rules and create imposition. Optimized, multiple output options and a layout-to-press data stream ensure high productivity. Thanks to full scalability VDP Studio can grow as your business grows. Simply add more performance with additional Rendering Licenses.

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Included Features

  • Design Editor to design your own image sets (background image plus font)
  • Database-driven (xls, csv, txt, mdb) rendering of personalized images
  • Creation of documents with variable content based on your InDesign layouts. Set up rules for personalized images, variable text and layers.
  • Imposition for optimized use of sheets
  • Output: print data stream comprising high-res documents incl. images (PDF, PPML and JLYT)
  • Fully scalable solution. One Rendering Instance included in package.