PURLs and Websites

Create professional web designs without HTML skills

From now on, you won't need a web designer to build a professional website. The ground-breaking design editor of DirectSmile Cross Media enables you to create impressive web designs without the need of using an external web design editor and with a minimum of training. For you, this means faster results, with less people involved, and at lower cost. And what's best: You will remain flexible throughout the entire project. Whenever your client requires a small change, it will be a matter of minutes to implement it.

Design your PURLs simply by drag-and-drop

Build designs faster and at less cost

  • No html know-how required, no additional web design tools needed
  • Intuitive handling, easy to learn even for non-professionals
  • Less people involved, less coordination effort, less external costs

All functions in one browser-based tool

  • Layout, database and personalized previews on one screen
  • Simple text and layout personalization
  • Manage all resources centrally
  • Final designs permanently visible
  • Almost no browser optimization necessary
  • Generate previews for any database record

Design Editor Demo

A brief introduction into building web designs without HTML know-how.

Design corporate websites

Using DirectSmile Cross Media you are not limited to PURLs. Design full-scale template-based corporate websites including:

- Content management

- Language versions

- Rule-driven content

- Forms without scripting


- Social Media integration