Increased response, simple data handling

With DirectSmile Cross Media you will master all data-related work without the need for IT experts. Simply import and manage even the biggest marketing lists or connect directly to a CRM system. Using your data for personalization and versioning of all media is also easy. Build personalization rules with a graphical rule editor, for complex data-driven applications such as lead management you can even create data relations and combine multiple databases. And if you'd like to implement response-boosting personalized images in any media, it's just a matter of a minute.

Simply place a personalized image in your e-mail design

Personalization options

  • Image personalization
  • Text personalization
  • Layout personalization
  • QR codes
  • Personalized URLs
  • User photo upload

Database functionality

  • Import xls, xlsx, csv, mdf, txt
  • Automated creation of PURLs
  • Flexible change of databases
  • Export databases including campaign results
  • Filter data by any criteria, preset filters available
  • Editor for personalization rules
  • Relational data model
  • Automatic data export