Mobile Media

Build mobile pages and apps without programming

With the number of smart phone users skyrocketing, mobile applications are becoming part of the standard program of marketing campaigns and business processes alike. That's why DirectSmile Cross Media lets you build mobile pages and apps by the same simple drag-and-drop method as you're building all other web designs. Creating the QR codes that drive users to a mobile page is also child's play.

Build a data-driven mobile page as easy as a standard PURL

Mobile websites

Create touch-optimized mobile versions of personalized and static web pages that run on all standard smart phones and tablet computers.

SMS sending

Integrate the automated sending of SMS in your cross media campaigns, use SMS for example for automated information of sales people about new leads.

Data-driven apps

Whether it's a small online competition, or a fully-fledged mobile CRM, providing data-driven applications on smart phones does not require any programming.  

Photo apps

Use Cross Media's photo upload function and picture-in-picture personalization to build unique photo apps for the B2C market.