Easy design, automated sending, detailed tracking

Send regular customer newsletters or one-time marketing blasts. Simply combine your e-mails with personalized URL websites to capture response and use e-mails for automated feedback or customer notification. By using DirectSmile Cross Media you will easily design all your e-mails without HTML skills, send them and track them. In addition, you will find all options to individually target all content, and include personalized images to boost response rates. Full campaign automation allows you to set up individually defined campaign cycles.

Trigger the e-mails you built with our design editor

All-round e-mail marketing solution

  • Mass e-mails
  • Automated e-mail sending
  • Spam check
  • E-mail tracking
  • Bounce management
  • E-mail unsubscribe
  • Image personalization in e-mails
  • Personalized and static PDF attachments