DirectSmile Cross Media

DirectSmile Cross Media

All-in-one marketing solution for web, print, e-mails and mobile

DirectSmile Cross Media is your integrated solution for the creation, personalization, management and tracking of data-driven campaigns that combine digital, print and mobile media. With its unique cross media design editor you will create professional designs for all your media fast and without HTML skills. Using DirectSmile Cross Media you will conveniently manage campaigns, set up and run personalized and static websites and send out any quantity of personalized e-mails.

Thanks to simple data handling you will need no expert know-how to personalize any element of your designs. Implementing response-boosting personalized images in all media is a matter of drag and drop. Comprehensive campaign tracking will keep you up-to-date about results in real-time and delivers you the knowledge you need to even further improve your cross media marketing strategies.

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-Direct Marketing

-E-Mail Marketing

-Websites, Microsites, PURLs

-Sales Support

-Trade Shows and Events

-Mobile Phone Applications

-Intranet Applications

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