Customer Story

Roth Druck AG, Switzerland

"We joined the DirectSmile Cross Media trial program we and were immediately convinced. The combination of simple use and the enormous possibilities DirectSmile Cross Media offers is really fantastic. We have never seen anything like it. The solution covers a gigantic range of applications and does not limit you to one direction. From simple mail pieces to complex marketing projects everything's possible."

"90% of our customers are small businesses. Hence the first question my employees asked was whether the solution was not too extensive. When I presented DirectSmile Cross Media to my team they reacted with more than just excitement about how easy it is to operate. They immediately started discussing practical ideas and projects for our customers. And the initial talks with potential customers for cross media campaigns are most promising."

"Besides direct mail campaigns which we will produce on our digital presses, I am also planning new advertising concepts for our online print shops. We will also make intensive use of QR codes for linking various media."

"By using DirectSmile Cross Media we can create new services to boost the loyalty of our existing customers, increase press utilization and address entirely new target groups."

Adrian Allenbach is Managing Director at Roth Druck AG in Uetendorf, Switzerland.

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