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"The combination of simple use and the enormous possibilities is really fantastic."

"The combination of simple use and the enormous possibilities DirectSmile Cross Media offers is really fantastic. We have never seen anything like it. The solution covers a gigantic range of applications and does not limit you to one direction. From simple mail pieces to complex marketing projects everything's possible." More

Adrian Allenbach, Managing Director Roth Druck AG, Uetendorf, Switzerland

"DirectSmile was one of the best investments in our company's history!"

"Here's another great thing about your software. It has allowed us to get appointments not only to sell the technology, but also it has given us the ability to get in the door of companies we couldn't get past with simple cold call techniques, voice mails or e-mails. We have made appointments because of the "wow"-factor and it has led us to sell even our other services such as retouching, offset print and interactive not only to new clients, but also to current clients, helping to keep the competition away."

Frank Defino Jr, Vice President and Partner Tukaiz LLC, Chicago, IL

"Thanks to DirectSmile, we just won a contract worth almost a million dollars!"

"Thanks to DirectSmile, we just won a contract worth almost a million dollars! DirectSmile keeps Montage Graphics ahead of the curve, empowering us with the most sophisticated one-to-one marketing technologies available."

Toby Gadd, President, Montage Graphics Inc., Fort Colins, CO 

"6 Million personalized mailers – thanks to DirectSmile everything worked so smoothly!"

"With DirectSmile we have realized variable data printing jobs with volumes of more than 6 million fully customized mailers – fast, reliable and efficient. Everything worked so much better than we had expected from our previous experience with variable data printing. Using DirectSmile we can take over high volume jobs with ease!"

Nicholas Green, Director Tangent Communications, London, UK

"DirectSmile has given us access to new customers unreachable before."

"Sales can be so easy! With DirectSmile mailings and calendars we instantly went over our ambitious sales targets. We were able to talk to totally new client categories. And the philosophy of digital printing, which usually is not easy to explain, can be brought to the customer with just a smile."

Frank Langer, Managing Director digital print, Garbsen, Germany

"DirectSmile has to be a standard part of the program of each digital printer!"

"DirectSmile is cutting edge technology that finally proves the value of VDP. Therefore it has to be a standard part of the marketing program for each digital printer. The software is easy to learn, straightforward and flexible! Initially we created a calendar job with a competitive product. This took us 36 hours ripping time, using DirectSmile it took only 25 minutes!"

Jon Leinen, VP Sales & Marketing of Western Graphics, St. Paul, MN

"DirectSmile offered us the best solution for high-impact creative personalizing."

Fernando Lopez Brito, By Print, Venezuela

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